Saturday 23 October 2010

Sunny Autumn Holiday Sailing

Woke in the night to howling winds and heavy rains. My alarm was set for 6am, when it went off there wasn't a leaf moving in the trees. I turned over and went back to sleep.
I got up at about 830 and still there was not enough wind so resigned myself to a boring day. The wind started to increase, I checked the speeds on the harbour wall and they were showing 20knots. Within 5 minutes I was driving down to the Academy for a session, only stopping on route for a breakfast baguette and a coffee - which got spilt down the dashboard of the van!

On arrival I rigged a 7m speed sail and big board, changed to small board, then changed to big board again and realised it could be one of those days. I had a good hour sailing in the chop from the north-west wind and the hundreds of people out. It was the finals for the BSA slalom so many people were competing. I saw my friend from work racing some of the competitors and winning - I did laugh when I noticed that it was the kids race though, still I am sure he will be proud of himself as he is definitely the competitive dad type.

I had a break when a squall came through, got the smaller kit out and also met a famous windsurfer who many will know - Dave White. I had a brief chat and got a picture, I hope he will advertise the BHF Challenge in Boards Magazine for me.

I went back out on the water on my original sail and board after putting the smaller kit back in van - every time it comes out the wind drops! Did a few more runs and came back in as the wind dropped more.

The wind picked up again but I had already started derigging and changed into dry clothes. All in all not a bad start to the holidays.

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