Tuesday 26 October 2010

Beaten 30knot Barrier

Now I need to do it 5 times in a session or my scores do not count. It was my first time with a small speed sail on my slalom board so quite pleased but I can do better.

Was first out on the water this morning, beat my personal best with a 30.907 knot max speed. Then spent the following 45minutes trying to get back upwind. Had one more run but didnt go as far and went for a break. Nick Dempsey (World Champion!) was there and he offered me a bit of advice for getting back upwind on the slalom kit - thanks Nick it did help.

I went back out on the water, had another near 30knot run and while slogging back upwind had a minor catapult and the fin got caught in the harness line. When I went to release it I sliced my index finger open, which did not hurt but did bleed a lot, I couldnt help being glad there are no sharks around here. 

As I returned to the other launching point downwind there was a stream of blood flowing behind. I put my kit on the beach with the intention of getting a plaster, the cut would not stop bleeding though so I called it a day and de-rigged and readied myself for the walk of shame back up to the sailing academy where I was parked.

I must say a big thankyou to Sarah and her husband Graham who saw the blood and offered me a lift to get the van.

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