Friday 1 October 2010

Lots of wind until the end of work

This morning I set off to Portland Harbour at 6.50am with the intention of getting a good half hour before work. At 8am I got through the traffic jam onto the island, Dorset County Council have wasted at least 3 days of my life in the first half term back at work due to their bad planning and desire to satisfy a few rich people for a few weeks while the Olymipics are on.

It was windy all day so the kids were unsettled to put it politely. I got down to the water at 3.30pm and the wind was around 15-18knots. I should have rigged bigger but wanted to use the cammed 7.0 and a smaller board. At first it wouldn't get going as it was my first time with a seat harness, everything felt wrong. After 10 mins it was all okay and I had a good hour of sailing. I need this everyday now or it really affects my mood. Soon the challenge will start so I will have to get out on the water every day even if it is for a bit of paddling.

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