Sunday 26 September 2010

Northerlies - Is this the start of the cold season?

After spending the day yesterday wondering if I should go for a sail I decided to go straight down this morning. The wind turned out to be less than yesterday, sods law! I rigged the big kit and had a few runs out towards the harbour wall but there were huge holes in the wind. On port tack I was getting ice-cream head as well, the wind was so cold today but at least the water was warm still.
Decided to call it a day after an hour, derigged and faffed with the new sail. I tried it on two different masts, both seemed very similar, the Severne probably has the better fit as it is more of a constant curve. The cams were still not rotating well, I am sure that with a decent wind and once the sail get stretched a bit on the first day out that all will be okay. This afternoon I trimmed a bit of plastic off the inside of the cams as Steve told me to do last Sunday, still cannot wait to get it wet. Maybe some good winds this week, the forecast is showing a lot of unsettled weather coming though, but only for a few hours at a time, lets hope this is from 3-7pm everyday :-D

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