Sunday 3 October 2010

First time properly powered up on speed kit

Went to sleep last night a little gutted that the forecast for today had dropped to 8knots. Woke up at 8am with the trees rustling a lot, turned over and went back to sleep. Wish I hadnt, woke again at 10am and checked the wind - it was 30knots.
I rushed down to the van, loaded it and headed off to the harbour, luckily there was not a lot of traffic so got there and on the water quite quickly. I decided to rig my wave kit and small sail as it was southerly, I fancied doing a bit of jumping and sorting out some moves. The wind swung round straight away to west - I got to the speed run and the rest of the pirates shouted 'what the #@<{ are you sailing that for'. I dropped my head in shame, set off back to Ferrybridge and re-rigged my speed kit.

First run out I beat my speed record, it was nice and easy,I wasnt even trying. Second run out I was lining myself up as close to shore as I could get for a flat out run when the boom bent, I looked at the bend and flew over the top. Ribs, stomach and back are a little bruised, and I am glad I used to free-dive in my teens as I was stuck under the sail for a while.You can see in the picture the redesigned shape of the boom, I wasn't happy with it from the moment I bought it, now I know why.
Even plodding upwind I was equaling some of my previous bests with this kit, and some of you may laugh at the 'Jez's Knob' in the picture, I have never used it before but was glad I did today. It probably saved me an expensive nose job on the board.
Luckily the boom is under warranty and is getting replaced, shame my back, ribs and stomach are not.

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