Wednesday 6 October 2010

Sunny Autumn Millionairres Windsurfing

A friend from work always classes a session as 'Millionairres Windsurfing' if he is one of the only ones on the water. This evening was like that.
I had to pick the van up as it needed new shoes, then negotiate traffic home and back to the harbour. Don't you just love it when the lights go green as you approach, and at 4.30pm I felt like the road had been cleared to get me on the water as soon as possible.
On arrival I got my Kode 112 out of the van, a fellow Pirate walked past and commented that I should be out on the smaller slalom board. I cant gybe that as well as the Kode, and the harbour was full of my students learning to sail Picos, I couldn't embarrass myself by falling in too much. Fortunately the wind dropped a bit so the bigger board was the best choice.
Out on the water my first run was the fastest as the wind was dropping, but it held at about 18knots. My 7.0 x15 speed sail was a handful to get going some of the time, but it was very good practice looking for the gusts and kicking the nose downwind to get going.
After about 15nm the wind dropped more and the sun had dropped behind Chesil beach, I wanted to go on into the dark but did not trust the wind to stay so headed back to shore with a big grin.

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