Thursday 28 October 2010

What is so good about windsurfing that makes me like a kid the night before christmas on the promise of a good forecast?

Last night I lay in bed wishing myself to sleep, I could hear the wind in the trees outside the window (and the damn coucil workers with their drain clearance noise making lorry about 500metres down the road!). With a few days of wind in a row you would think that the desire to sail gets less but it never does.
I woke at 6am, gutted that it was dark as the wind was perfect for some record runs. I got down to the water at 7.30 for first light, don't you just hate the winter when the sun is only on part time hours.

When I rigged up there was no-one out on the water. I had a blast on my speed kit but the wind was dropping quickly. The first people I saw on the water were on a trawler going right up to the shore dropping lines for something - one of which caused a big catapult as they were not visible until too late. I shouted some nice things to them, wishing them well after I recovered ;-)

I was the only one out so I wore my bouyancy aid for a change, and remebered why I dont usually bother - it is so uncomfortable. The water feels a lot warmer again compared to 5 days ago in the north westerly winds, the daft hat soon came off as the daytime air temperature rose.

I had to rig my biggest kit by the end of the session, a friend who seems to jinx the wind arrived just in time for the wind to drop. Called it a day at lunch time, when my friend had loaded his boards back on his car the wind seemed to pick up again but I had de-rigged by this time. More tomorrow and hopefully some jumping as the wind swings southerly.

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