Saturday, 30 August 2014


This has not been a great year on the water for me, the first 4 months I rested my shoulder which is now good with no recurring pain. Just as I was settling back into full on downwind runs and really going for it while overpowered I tested the theory that taking Warfarin causes Osteoporosis. I am glad to say there is no evidence for this in my case, but I am surprised my foot didnt snap off. 

Coming to the end of a run out over the chop yesterday I was aiming to go behind someone who was sailing across the wind on starboard. He had right of way, I respected that and aimed behind him, and should have been well clear, when I was about 20m away he decided to crank upwind and drop in the water, in a split second I was nearly on top of him so cranked upwind myself and crashed, front foot trapped in the strap. Luckily a few people helped me back to shore, and also today getting to and from the hospital for X rays. 

Onto some great news. Kat and I have bought a house, this particular house is 150m from the waters edge, and specifically the big salty lake I sail in.  The rear bedroom window has a view over the famous Chesil Beach, if white horses can be seen over there then I can walk to the front bedroom to check out and see who is out on the water. There has not been much wind this summer, and often the seabreeze has not been quite enough to go out, but kites have been out. Luckily for them a crossbow does not have the range from my front bedroom to reach them ;)
We are settling in well, although the summer holiday is already over and its back to work on Monday. I have a new (to me) board on its way soon and need to order some new sails for next year. A boom may be on the cards as well. Some of my kit is looking a little worn, my 111l 69cm Exocet RS4 is very spongey in between the back straps from gybing. This is going in for repair and an RS3 is coming to give me a wider range of boards, or rather spread the load as the RS4 is by far my most used board.

Every morning now I get up to my childhood dream, a sea view. I get to walk here with our dog every morning, although some are not quite as nice as this photo, its a great place to live.

Good speeds and winds
The Bus


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