Monday 17 June 2013

RSB mk 1 is sold, subject to payment.

Great news, the Redsurfbus was on the auction site for 5 minutes before the starting price was matched and then bettered. Within the first 3 hours I had over 50 watchers, now up to 90! I have replied to about 15 'how much for cash' emails, only one got back to negotiate and I got what I only dreamed of, most of it in cash, a bit of it in reclaimed parts (bed and alarm).

Tomorrow morning I should have the money in the bank, alarm and bed will be taken out by the end of tomorrow evening. Van should be picked up on Thursday, online shops for camper conversions will be richer by Friday! Just need to arrange to get the windows fitted, alarm fitted and leisure battery (I think all the wiring for this is already in place).

This sale will pay for the majority of the conversion of the new van, including top end spec parts. Wind is guaranteed now at weekends as I have jobs I need to do in order to get it ready for the summer holidays!

Good Speed and winds 
The Bus mk2

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