Sunday 5 May 2013

Finally the season is warming up properly.

Yesterday was one of the most enjoyable sessions ever for me. A good friend from my teacher training at Keele Uni came to visit. He is great company, one of the wisest and kind hearted people I know. Back at Keele his online name was Hookipa, I asked him what it meant and it all started there.

As long time readers will know I tried windsurfing as a kid, for about 10 minutes on a school trip (scarily this is about 25years ago). I had always wanted to learn it but life got in the way and I forgot until I was 28. He reminded me of this ambition, and in my summer off I travelled to Cornwall but ended up surfing instead. Upon moving to Weymouth I started slowly but surely with windsurfing, treating myself to a board and rig for my 30th. It was great to be able to sail with Ioannis yesterday. I know he really enjoyed it, especially when the sun came out!

In terms of the session, it looked a lot windier on the water than it felt in the sail. Usually I would have been well powered up with my 7.3 Hot Sails GPS and Exocet RS2 (90l). I was on my smaller board (non intended sinker) for a short period of time, but quite slow, indicating not enough sail/board/fin. I was beating myself up for only getting a peak over 32knots, I like to think of this as a minimum now with an average over 30. The conditions looked like more speed was easily possible, perhaps I need to shed more of the Christmas pudding that is still making my harness tighter than it should be. Results for the day here, in hindsight I am very happy with them.
Hopefully more sun and good winds later this week.
The Bus

Thanks again to Andy "Scottys Caddy" Stallman for the photos. ;)

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