Sunday 6 January 2013

Happy New Year

My new years resolution was to make sure I put up at least one post per week, as you all know as we get older time seems to pass faster and faster so I personally need to make sure I schedule stuff to do and this is one of the most important things I do now (for me).

2012 was a good year for me, after the previous 3 being full of serious illness and work problems, which were probably related. In 2012 I was not ill, other than the occasional cold or back ache. At work I am now praised for my teaching methods, whereas in the past I was disciplined. The irony is I do not do anything different since I started teaching, I was disciplined for students not having methods written in their books, now I am praised for not wasting time getting students copying down. Through the year I have changed my outlook on life and have stopped worrying about what happens at work and one thing has allowed me to do that, success in windsurfing.

At the start of 2012 I was offered team rider opportunities with some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry, this was a real boost to my confidence. After heart disease many people do not realise the effect it has on confidence in all areas of life. As this happens mostly to the male population not much is written about it and we just get on with it. Of all the people who have contacted me through this site ALL of them have suffered the same mental issues to greater or lesser extents, and only time heals these wounds, opportunities decrease the time in my experience. I would like to thank Ian Kraft (Exocet), Chris Freeman and Tom Hammerton (Hot Sails Maui and Black Project Fins), Chris Jackson (ex-UK importer for Black Project Fins),  Ed Britnell (K-bay - Chinook Importer) and Simon Todd (formerly Windtek Shop Manager). All of these together unwittingly have really helped me feel normal again and not wake up feeling like a heart disease victim every day, their support of my windsurfing has given me a new lease of life.

Locally I want to thank the Portland Pirates team, all of the regular riders have been there and supported in their own way over the past year. Pete Young for being the goal to beat and the guru to learn from, Mark Matthews for pushing me every time he goes out and beats me and also Steve Corps for the same. 

It was a great year on the water, with 111sessions and 2221nmi sailed I was on the water for longer this year than any other. My speed goals were partly hit, I wanted 38knots but only managed 37.24 on the last day of the year. I wanted a 35knot average and managed that with 35.11 again on the last day. I hit my Alpha goal (22knots) and was just under my Nautical Mile speed by 11 hundredths (I wanted 28knots). I made no distance attempts this year as it was not long after my 200km that I suffered blood clots, it was something that kept dragging me off the water, next year will be different and I want to get a good few distance sessions in.

To the future, this is not a goal for the year but one for the next 16 months. In April 2014 I will be 40, I want to have hit 40knots on Portland Harbour by that time. It is a very big want with only a few sailors having achieved that in the past. I am pretty confident that at The Ray or West Kirby that I can get over 40 peaks with a 40knot average, Portland Harbour is a lot gustier and no where near as smooth as those two speed strips. This year I will get to one of them though! 

New kit should soon be on its way, with the 2013 Hot Sails GPS coming and some new fins from Black Project to try out, these being a cross between their powerful Type R slalom and their speedy Type S. I am sticking with my current Exocet RS Boards and maybe they will get a little sister at some point through the year.

Coming next on this site will be a review of Ghosts of Speed, I should have watched it for the umpteenth time and can highly recommend it.

Best wishes for 2013 from myself and Kat.
Good speed and winds
The Bus

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