Friday 11 January 2013

Ghosts of Speed - Film Review

Ghosts of Speed was a project directed and filmed by Angelo Pecere. Angelo, as the name suggests is Italian, he has travelled a lot and windsurfed in many locations. When he visited the Netherlands he experienced a beauty and passion for the Speedsurfing side of our sport and here was born the idea for the film.

Over the next year, with the help of many friends and contacts he put together this project. It started life as a storyboard, many people gained interest and offered their help. Walther Siksma was the other main film maker behind this work of art, with excellent camera skills the pair have managed to document what is in every speed surfers heart quite accurately.

Matched with a musical score by Bluman the film is a fantastic respite while waiting for the next storm. I chose the word respite carefully, it means a rest from something difficult or unpleasant, that waiting time between fast sessions can become unpleasant. We need the adrenaline, the competition and also thrive on the technicalities of the sport. The movie truly brings that break, it takes you back to the water highlighting what it is that we do and sometimes advertising it well to the wider world.

Not all of it is a good advert for those faint of heart, Ghosts of Speed shows how difficult and dangerous our sport is, along with the dedication required. Filmed in epic offshore wind conditions where most people would be at home with the windows firmly closed Angelo has captured the passion very well.

For the tuning nerds among us there is a very informative extra on the disk, and with such clarity in the camera work some of the top guys almost give away their secrets when bearing away with the gust. If you too want to get the top speeds this film is a must see!

From all of us passionate speedies in the UK thank you to Angelo, Walther and the rest of the team (there were many who helped out, sorry for not mentioning you all on here). To order your copy click the link here. From the 15th January 2013 there will be a downloadable copy available here.

Good speeds and WARM winds
The Bus


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