Thursday 24 May 2012

Vote for Windsurfing

95mm x 200mm
Perfect for Shop Windows / Vans etc
Click the Picture for full Resolution file
I am now involved with the campaign to reinstate Windsurfing for the 2016 Olympics and have had many requests for the stickers that we have produced for the RSX sailors. Many of these guys and girls are here in Weymouth already, training for the Sail for Gold Regatta and of course the Olympics. The priority is to get a couple of Stickers to each one of them, if you read this and are based in Weymouth at present you can pick up a couple of stickers at Windtek, the Windsurfing Shop on the main road leading down the hill to the Harbour. Alternatively send me an email and I will get to the Academy next week (

We had ours printed by who does a great job and supplies very high quality prints for a good price. Please contact him for a quote.
430mm x 255mm Perfect for Sails
Click the Picture for Full Resolution File
190mm x 170mm Square
Click the Picture for the Full Resolution File

Please help us, go to vote here where we have already amassed 25,000 votes in a very short space of time.

I will elaborate more after the weekend, I am currently packing for the Worthing BSA Slalom so will put more information in here early next week.

Thanks for your help,
Good Speeds and Winds
The Bus

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