Friday 27 April 2012

BSA Weymouth(1) - Part 1

The picture to the right is my prediction for the skies over Weymouth and Portland Harbour in the next couple of days. The Forecast is showing North Easterly winds with a fair bit of rain. Whenever the wind comes off the land we do tend to get squally conditions. Hopefully these won't be as extreme as last week where the weather changed from 8.8m barely planing conditions to 6m overpowered within seconds. The only warning being a dark cloud approaching. This of course was not a reliable indicator and when you prepared for it the wind didn't change, then next time when you thought 'ahh I will just stay on the 8m' you were forced to drop in the water and hold on for 5 minutes.

I really should not be feeling too nervous as this is my home water, I have sailed here now 205 times since my heart attack 2 years ago (yes this appears to be a little OCD, I blame the iPhone streaks app where I count every session), and probably well over 400times in total since I started on the water properly 5 years ago. I do feel nervous, but after popping into the academy on my way home from work today my Hot Sails team mate Jon White was there in his shorty being as happy to be on the water as ever, and also the optimism of Richard Hobson wore off on me and driving home I felt more at ease. 

I think it will be a brilliant weekend, with some racing on the Saturday from midday with big kit, progressing to smaller as the day wears on. Followed by a fantastic party to mark the opening of the PuraVida shop and the partnership between the OTC and Puravida at the Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy. Kev Greenslade and Tris Best will be brilliant hosts and already there is a great atmosphere developing down at the OTC when the wind blows. 

Sunday morning is a tricky one, I personally hope the big winds blow through overnight leaving us with some medium South Easterly winds that are usually great fun in Portland and leaves the swell and wind angle perfect for off the wind speed.

Good luck to everyone competing and I will see you all bright and early tomorrow.
The Bus.

Saturday Morning Edit:
After a fitful night full of sneezing, coughing and a sore throat that was getting worse every hour I went down to the Sailing academy at about 4am having not been able to sleep, in the hope that a couple of extra hours sleep in the van ready to rig as soon as I woke up would do me good. When I woke after a still fitful 3 hours I did not feel any better, I had some breakfast and decided to stay warm and dry. I feel really disappointed right now, had the rain not been pelting down  perhaps I would have had a go but it is probably for the best that I decided not to as I cannot have a day off work due to illness without huge consequences due to illness earlier in the year. Hopefully after a days rest I will be able to go tomorrow and at least get some pics and interviews for an article. The winds were good when I left at 9.30am, increasing to about 15+knots North East, swinging slightly more ENE over the past hour and increasing to 20knots. 

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