Saturday 24 March 2012

Hot Sails GPS Rigging Video

This is my first edit with a GoPro HD2, as there is no wind I decided to relieve my boredom by doing this video. It has given me ideas to do a series of mini videos that will include different settings for tuning the kit.

Most slalom sails can be rigged this way. By putting on the outhaul you bring the camber inducers away from the mast more. Some sails will require you to put on 4cm or so more outhaul than finally needed to get this method to work. With a bit of experience you will get used to it, it takes me only a minute or so longer to rig these compared to rotational sails. I find the only fiddly bit is when putting the boom on through the cutout/zipped section.

I plan now to film this properly and do each part as a mini clip in more detail, giving full descriptions of why it is done in a certain way. Perhaps that's the maths teacher in me coming out, but it helps me remember when learning something new if someone describes why it  has to be in a set order.

Hot Sails are pretty impressed with it, I know this is no where near as good as I can do once I have figured out some ideas and how to make them happen. 

Filmed at the top car park, Ringstead Bay (The best place to watch the upcoming Olympics I reckon)
Exocet RS boards, Hot Sails GPS, Hot Rod Masts, Chinook accessories, Black Project fins, with the Go Pro supplied by Windtek Watersports.

Good speed rigging and sailing.
The Bus

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