Friday 17 February 2012

Writers block

Sorry for the lack of articles lately, I seem to have hit a wall with my writing, so many ideas of what to write but cannot seem to get them down into words. I am certain in has a lot to do with 3 weeks off the water as well, the one thing I have learnt is I now cannot live without this sport, and poor Kat cannot live with me when I am not getting my fix on the water.

I managed a quick session a couple of days ago, with my new Hot Sails GPS 8m, 45cm Black Project Type R fin and Exocet SL Sport 78cm board. When I could bear off and plane it accelerated really quickly, unfortunately this was not very often. I tried for nearly an hour as the wind dropped further. The water temperature did not feel bad at all considering it is now reaching the coldest point for the year.

Things are on the up though, the wind looks to return this weekend with a couple of promising days also next week. I need to start my training for the slalom series, both on and off the water. Hopefully a few sessions will build my motivation to start pounding the beach for a couple of miles every other day.

The spring is on its way, the winter has flown by and the wind is coming back. 

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