Thursday 23 February 2012

Ghosts at The Brace

Jurjen van de Noord captured on film by Angelo Pecere for the Ghosts of Speed Documentary
I think this is the best Speed Windsurfing picture I have ever seen. It somehow demonstrates the tranquil zone that you enter as you get close to your top speed. It shows the perfect tuning of the body and the rig. You can almost feel the power in the sail as you look at the stance and twist of the sail. It was taken by Angelo Pecere who is currently building up a lot of film and pictures for what is already a film I cannot wait to see, The Ghosts of Speed. You can follow the progress here on stalkerbook.

It was a fantastic session at The Brace in The Netherlands, with Jurjen van de Noord scoring an amazing 46.76knot 5x10sec average, with his fastest 10second at 47.42knots and a 2sec peak at 48.15knots. This really shows the consistency of his sailing, with a peak just above the average it means that all results for the calculation were very close together. He also achieved a 46.01knot 500m run, you can see in the picture above that is is not perfect flat water, so this is a real achievement. He was 4knots clear of the next fastest on the day and a real competitor for the top spot that is currently held by Jacques van de Hout.

In the next week I will publish an interview with Angelo and showcase a few more of his pictures. I met him online through the 1000nmi challenge last year when he showed his support, I think he is attempting something remarkable that could bring our passion closer to the mainstream.

Good speeds and winds
The Bus

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