Tuesday 3 January 2012

2012 The year the records went in the first 3 days!

I will elaborate on this as more news comes in. I have heard reports of a 54knot peak on one GPS, and 10sec runs close to 50. It will take a day before all results come in though. I hope you are all still okay after these winds!

The full report can be found here http://www.redsurfbus.com/2012/01/50knot-barrier-destroyed-by-more-than-1.html

Here is a taster.....

'The Bus'


  1. Could the West Kirby videographer video the gear, rigging, interview the sailors, discuss what equipment and settings they are using, apri sailing discussions, etc.?

  2. I guess you could ask them on youtube comments.
    I don't know who it was.


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