Monday 3 October 2011

Great Start to September, awful end

The last GPSTC report about the first half of September was full of great results for the northern hemisphere, including a national record. As for this second half I am really finding it hard what to write about. There has been no wind, or rather none worthy of mentioning. The British teams scored the odd session, but only one or two sailors managing to catch it before it blew through. 

The Dutch appeared to get a little more, due to more wind in the East  side of the North Sea than the West but again nothing much to speak of (Forgive me if I missed a great session and do let me know). Like I predicted (in fact the day after I predicted it) The Portland Pirates were knocked off the top spot by the Grevelingen Chop Team, but our boys scores held fast due to the lack of wind for the rest of September, giving us our best finish for the year in second. Great team effort by the usual suspects and as for the rest who sailed but did not post see the captain for some deck scrubbing duties, he is the one on the crutch again, argggg.

A notable session from the first half of the month was the Tassie Speed Seekers completing an outstanding endurance session (again!). With Kaleb Smith  sailing over 300km (apx 165nmi for the old British boys ;-)) and his team mates Steve Charles and Dave Morehead both sailing well over 200km. Great stuff, this is the side of the sport I love now and cant wait to get my fitness back for a good 4-5hour session again.

Looking at the year results table there have been some moves at the top. 2nd and 3rd places have swapped, and 4th with 5th. It is still very close between each of these two pairs of teams and I have no doubt they will change again. There are gaps between them though. The Grevelingen Chop Team have a clear lead, not impossible to catch but close, Wad1Team and Speed Team Lauwersmeer have their own little battle 6 points apart in the high 100's. While the Portland Pirates and Tassie Speed Seekers have their own battle, 3 points adrift in the low 200's.

Places for 6,7,8 and 9 are much closer and there is everything to sail for to gain positions there. The Atlantic is (should be but not sure where they are) about to enter its Hurricane season and send wind our way which should give us some good months coming. I am afraid I know little of the conditions in Australia and they enter their Spring and Summer but going off last year they appear to be good and we usually compete for the ashes. Looks like a good start to the year with some solid scores down under with the Moreton Bay Mob getting close to a 40 on the first day of the month. 

I have now been a part of the GPSTC for a full 12 months and feel all the richer for it, and I do not mean financially. After changing my quiver for speed kit I cannot possibly be financially richer, and I do have a lot less space at home as when I say changing my quiver I actually meant getting a new quiver and not wanting to sell my other stuff for the crap prices it was worth. My sailing has improved and my fitness did for most of it, I will get it back soon as well I hope.

Good luck for October, good speeds and winds.
'The Bus'

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