Wednesday 24 August 2011

A change in the air

First thing I want to say is thank you to all who helped me get to £1000, and those friends who I sailed with who pushed me over my 1000nautical miles. I am attending the National Windsurfing Festival to raise some more money on 3rd and 4th September with a little help from some friends. I will attempt to match the money with distance sailed but after the recent setback (see last post) I will not put myself under any pressure to do this in a set time scale yet.

Some news for the future of the blog for any regular readers.

After a lot of thinking in the past few weeks of what to do, if anything at all, with this blog I have decided to attempt to convert it to a news site for Windsurf Speed Sailors. The reason for this is that I spend a lot of time reading the forums and keep up to date with a lot of the new developments, usually through facebook or other sites. Since starting the BHF challenge my facebook friends have gone from about 150 up to 600 odd, all of these extras are windsurfers of all abilities and levels. Some are quite well known and post news, results and stories of their sailing, others not so well known but still offer a lot of information about the sport. What I want to do is bring all this together into one place, starting with a weekly article, perhaps with pictures and videos of the weeks sailing and sometimes results from any speed competitions. I hope it will develop into a real website from a simple blog, but will start it simply and build up from there.

Weymouth speed week is coming up soon which I have kindly been given a guest entry to so this is perfect timing for me to start this little project and report from the 'home of speedsailing'.

I do not want to copy what other people have done, and do not think I am doing so with this idea. If I am then please let me know as I do not know about such a website. I think more and more people are becoming involved in the speed side of windsurfing, which is thanks to GPSSS and GPSTC (links at bottom of page) and the development of the GPS units themselves. I do not have much to offer in terms of advice on how to speed sail as my top speed is only 35knots so far, but as a school teacher I am quite good at explaining how to do things that I am learning how to do myself so part of the site will include my development as a sailor and some of my experiences on different kit. Currently I have 2 new (to me) Simmer SCR 2010 sails with new North Gold masts burning a hole in my quiver bag, I cannot wait to get them wet and will report on how they feel from first time use and when I have got used to them.

If there is anyone who would like to help, or can offer advice (especially on how to get a damn menu bar to work at the top of this page!) then it would be very much welcomed and appreciated. Either comment on here or email me -

Thanks for reading,


  1. Did you already consider integrating/working together with

    Same goal (I think) but already a lot of viewers.

    Just an idea. :-)


  2. A bit, I am linking across to Eriks site where I can, and trying not to duplicate anything as that would be a waste of time and effort. At the moment I am letting the site take its own direction while I just put up an article every couple of days which keeps people coming back.

    I think the more different sites/perspectives we have for speed surfing the better, this will help the sport grow. If only one or two sites control everything then it will just stay the way it is, a small sport with only a few dedicated speed sailors in each country. The way I see it is this is a site that will focus on UK speedsurfing with a lot of input from other countries while Eriks is Dutch with input from others - like 'Sister Newspapers' that will help each other - I hope.

    Thanks for the comment.


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