Friday 8 July 2011

Only 20nmi left before I go over 1000nmi.

Today was a little frustrating. It was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right and I will class it as a bad session. The good news is that this is the first bad session for a while so the next one will be brilliant.

It started all wrong, I am in the process of sorting my quiver out with more powerful sails. I have a simmer SCR 6.3 which at first I found a beast to tame, but now it feels great and powerful and very well made. I have decided to trade in my Tushingham x15's in the 7.0m and 5.8m sizes for the Simmers so that my quiver matches for all speed sail sizes. I picked up the 7m yesterday to try out on my masts and it clearly didnt fit. My only worry is that it wont fit properly on the mast I am going to buy to go with it, as the 6.3 fits perfectly on the mast I tried the 7m on. I need to borrow a North Gold mast to try it on.

So I rigged my 6.3 and went out, then felt a little underpowered at times. The wind dropped a little and I came in and rigged my only other option, my 7.6 x15. I was overpowered on this but stuck it out as I knew the wind was forecast to drop, after about an hour it did. I got a personal best for my Alpha of 19.76 so I am quite pleased about that, nearly 20 which is my next goal. Once I have that I will go for a faster nautical mile and try to get around 27knots.

23nmi sailed, 20nmi left to get to 1000! (To be honest I know I could post some lightwind sessions to take me over the top now so in my mind I have done the 1000, but it will be easier to just sail for an hour and a bit than look through all my files for the lightwind ones)

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