Saturday 9 July 2011

Both goals complete this week - 1006nmi total, 35knot Speed.

First I want to say thank you to all that have donated and helped me along the way, my first set of goals are complete. Its best to extend them now as I wanted this challenge to last all year.

I knew that the 1000 goal was soon going to be finished, but I cant quite believe that at the end of it enough wind came to allow me to get the 35knot speed as well. I woke up at 6am and knew I had to go and get my final 20 nautical miles so went down to the harbour and rigged my big kit. I only dropped a couple of gybes in an hour so one this session I managed to get my hour best average speed as well, something I have not been able to beat since I got it in September last year.

26nmi sailed, 1006 is the new total.

My new goal is now to get 2011nmi, it seems appropriate this year.

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