Sunday 15 May 2011

Weekend living at Portland Harbour - 38NM sailed, 381NM total

This is now the third weekend I have slept in the van at the harbour waiting and ready for wind. Fortunately I had Kat keeping me company this time so we had a BBQ on Saturday evening and saw lots of friends. I think this will become a frequent thing, with more people coming for a BBQ on the nicer evenings.
Saturdays wind came and went all too quickly and I sat there watching the kitesurfers out until the sun set, hate to say this but IF the wind carries on like this I may be tempted to get a big kite for light winds. I caught what I could and kept my kit rigged in case it came back.

Sunday morning and it was big kite weather again, with a couple of people out on big slalom sails in the middle of the harbour, bigger than I have. About midday the wind picked up a little more so I went out on my biggest kit and it was okay for a while but I really dont enjoy sailing my big board, it feels like sailing a door now. The wind felt like it picked up a little more so I got back into my wet wetsuit and took my smaller board out and had fun for an hour before it dropped again.

I must admit this 1000NM is now taking up a lot of time that does not involve sailing, most of it is sat around waiting for wind!

38NM sailed over the two days, 381NM total.

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