Friday 6 May 2011

The day the wind shifted

There was no wind after work so I went home with the intention of camping over at the harbour in the evening ready for a very early start tomorrow. At 6pm I saw the wind was staying constant at about 18knots so packed my bag and set off to the harbour. On arrival it looked perfect 7.6 weather so I rigged the sail and changed into the wetsuit. While doing so I noticed a strange cloud forming over the middle of the harbour. I wish I recorded what happened. The cloud was spinning on two axis, originally it faced east-west and rotated north-south, while simultaneously rotating like a horizontal water spout. While this was happening the wind shifted southerly. This picture does not do it justice. You can just about see the low cloud but it blends a bit too much into the much higher cloud cover in the picture.

After about 10 more minutes it looked like this, the wind disappeared so I derigged and no doubt will be in a foul mood tonight as I did not get my fix!


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