Monday 30 May 2011

100+Nautical Miles in a Day!!! New total of 619NM

Awoke to drizzle but did not even notice it.....the goal for today was to get some serious mileage, both for my challenge and the team effort on GPS Team Challenge. This has secured our place as 4th in the world, ahead of all countries apart from the Netherlands who just seem to have too many locations with perfectly flat water and a lot more wind than us!

Mid morning and I was barely holding on to such a big sail.

After about 70nautical miles I had a break and changed kit after warming up for an hour.

All the time now I was really forcing myself not to break out the smaller slalom board, I was tired approaching 100nm but the conditions were perfect for some speed runs, I knew I would not get quite as many miles on the smaller board though so kept at it with the bigger one.

The wind was perfect for me to cruise close in to shore at high tide, meaning no hard work getting upwind in the chop further out.

I learnt a lot today, was planing out of some gybes and now understand more what I need to do to get this consistent. I also proved a few things to myself that I had the determination to go on, even after a bit of chest pain. I knew the pain was more in my head than physical though and would not let it beat me. I will expand on this post further in the week. 

GPSTC reads 201.44km or 109NM at the end of the session, which is less than the sportstracklive data but more accurate. This makes my total now 619NM.

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