Saturday 1 January 2011

First Session of 2011

Happy new year to anyone who reads this from Lea and Kat, may you all get what you have wished for in 2011.
Last night we went into Weymouth for the fancy dress New Years Eve celebrations, Kat put loads of effort in, I bought a hat and wore an old pin striped suit!

We arrived at Portland Harbour at about 1pm, luckily without a hangover. As you can see it was not one of the busiest days, lots of people out walking along the seafront on the way though.

It was about 5degrees with a Northwest wind of about 6knots, and for the first time in a year my toes went numb from the cold while I was sailing. The palm less mitts were a bit strange to get used to as well.

I completed 1.2nautical miles, so I am a thousandth of the way to achieving my goal.

It was very nice to get on the water on the first day of the year, even if it did not really feel like windsurfing at such low speeds. It usually takes me about 2 minutes to complete a mile, it took over 20minutes.

I will not waste time in such low winds rigging up sails and will just go for a paddle instead to keep my fitness up and stay acclimatised to the seasonal cold.

1 comment:

  1. I cannot believe you sail in the winter, it is far too cold for me. Good luck with the challenge, it will take you a while if you do 1mile per session :D


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