Tuesday 14 December 2010

Return of the Westerlies (I hope)

There is a brief return of the good winds from the west this week, the forecast is only giving them for a few hours at the weekend though so we will see if it actually happens. I have my palmless mitts ready and have hopefully started to recover from the man flu/ cold I have had for the past 5 days. I had started my training to keep my fitness levels up over the cold months but the illness stopped it after 2sessions.
I am doing basic floor exercises with 60+press ups and sit ups, along with some basic free weights and cardio work for at least half an hour per day. Over the month I will build up with some jogging and maybe cycling as well. I have never been good at running, always pacing myself wrong and going too fast. When I last went with Kat I managed about twice the distance I have ever run (6miles apx) as she was keeping the pace slow - in all honesty I can nearly walk as fast as we were jogging! This is how I will start though, on the flat along the sea front and then build in some inclines in the holidays next week.
In the holidays I will do some work on the SUP as well as this is great for core fitness levels and weather permitting means I should not get too cold.

Basically the temperature cut off can be seen in this chart.
This means that I can get on the water as long as the air temperature is above 5deg, any lower with decent winds means more than -10deg. Its not too bad for 10minutes but derigging is hard as your hands stop working. I will get out in January even if it is with little wind on my SUP with a small sail to do a couple of miles.
Best wishes to all for the holidays.

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