Thursday 4 November 2010

Quick after work session. Winter time means it must be quick.

Got to the harbour at about 3.25pm, was rigged and nearly out by 3.45pm, not bad with a fully cambered sail. A kite dangly delayed it though as he needed help launching, bless em, useless on their own.

A few runs and I was glad I chose the bigger board, the wind dropped by a good 5 knots. There was the odd gust to get going on, but with the Simmer SCRace sail it wouldnt pick up enough speed to make it to the next to get my feet in the straps. It was a shame as I was making some good gybes on it. I am remebering to bend my knees more, and not go on such a tight arc. I really wanted to do a mile run across the harbour, but the wind direction meant it would take me downwind. I was having to bear off to get going a lot so didnt trust the light, time or wind to let me get back to shore easily. Built my confidence on a difficult sail so not a bad session, wish it was about 2 hours longer though.

I have just checked the scores for the day on GPS Team Challenge and seen that Pete Young has just done 265km, or 150nautical miles! Very well done Pete, thats a huge distance for one day on Portland Harbour in November in gusty conditions. The only thing on his side was a good tide time.

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