Wednesday 3 November 2010

Learning how to control the speed kit

I now have an increased respect for all the speed sailors out there, today I should have gone faster but just couldn't get things correct. I had my real speed sail and slalom board rigged and went out into what were very gusty conditions. The Simmer SCRace sail is a lot heavier and fuller than the Tushingham x-15. I am not sure which I prefer to use, the x-15's seem to be easier to tame and get going more easily and has so far given me faster speeds. Perhaps I am just not used to such a heavy sail in that size after sailing rotational kit for the past 3 years. When it comes to 7m+ then I expect the heavy clew feeling so I am used to it.

I am happy to say that I got going easily enough, but there were such holes in the wind that I couldnt keep accelerating. It was a good session for me to learn more and get my confidence back with that sail and board although I noticed I am not commiting enough to the harness due to the worry of going over the front, and maybe incorrect settings with my lines and not enough time in the quickly fading light to adjust them.

I wanted to go for a few more runs but decided to sail in, and it was a good job I did. As soon as I had derigged the sail it was dark, really dark. This time of year is rubbish!

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