Saturday 20 November 2010

Longest time off the water since April

Finally a windy day at the weekend. I tried to get out on Thursday but as I rigged up the wind dropped off and it was already getting dark 20 minutes after work finished.

Today the wind was easterly, which makes the harbour very choppy. I usually rig wave kit for a bit of jumping but there was not quite enough wind so I opted for my speed sail and freestyle wave board. With it I got my best mile so far, 23.2 knots of bumpy chop avoiding fun! I learnt a lot today and used the advice that my fellow Portland Pirates gave me, to bear off the wind in stages as each gust hits. It worked and gave me some good speeds considering the water state.

There were a lot out today as well as the water is still not very cold, and the air temperature was not too bad. I guess it will be the last time I see a few of them before next March or April as a few were saying it would be the last session of the year. It certainly wont be for me - 74 and counting, I want to hit 90!

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