Friday 5 November 2010

Great session to wind down after a hard week at work.

Managed to get on the water by about 3.45pm, rigged the 7.0m Tushingham X15 which was perhaps a little big but I did not trust the wind. Also took out a bigger board instead of the slalom board. The sail is now brilliant thanks to Dave and Paul at Tushingham HQ who have sorted me out with a matching mast. They sent two masts, the speed - flex top, and last years 100% pro carbon models. I tried the speed mast today knowing the sail would be over-powered so was a perfect opportunity to try it. It rigged with a huge belly around the boom unlike on its old mast. It rotated a lot better, not perfect but that was probably more due to me rushing onto the water.

Once out on the water it was totally flat and a mid to high tide meaning lots of flat runs. The wind was direct off shore which meant that I had to sail parallel to the shore to about mid harbour, then bear off with the wind. It was good practice. I went for a couple of mile runs but span the fin out each time once out in the chop so gave up with that. I then sailed non stop for an hour and beat my hour personal best speed. The gybes seemed to come more naturally today, I hardly dropped one until dark set in. Once the sun had set it was a bit dangerous as there were a few freestylers out and they were all just sitting ducks when approaching at 25-28knots and as I didn't want to decapitate someone with the fin I headed to shore.

Great session to end a hard week, I just hope there is a bit of wind this weekend or what will I do? Oh if this bruise above my eye gets worse by the morning I will post a picture, the mast hit me just on hte edge of my eye socket!

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