Wednesday 15 September 2010

First windy day that I have not gone on the water in a long time

I thought it best to rest this evening and try to get rid of this sore throat/cough. So I spent my time looking for fins to match to my new board, after I had pretty much resigned myself to an expensive purchase I had a phone call from Jim at Puravida Boardriders - who I have bought the mistral off. What a great bloke, we had a chat about fins for the board, he explained why I hate my Drake fins that came with my various Starboard boards in the past. I now no longer blame myself for spinning out on a big fin and definitely blame the equipment ;-)

I told him about this website and my quest for charity next year and he looks to be one of my first helpers in this adventure. I am really pleased to do business with people like that and only wish other industries were so full of decent people.

As soon as I am in need of a 6.3 speed sail I will be on the phone to them, and will of course need a matching mast, bigger slalom board, winning lottery ticket etc.

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