Tuesday 14 September 2010

30knot winds and too ill to hold the sail down

I have had a sore throat since school started back for the year and now it seems to have moved onto my chest. Mind you I have been out on the water nearly every day after school. Today I got told to go away by a student in a less than polite way which really got to me as I was just trying to help, these are the little things that make teaching a thankless job. At home I had an email waiting from an old student thanking me for teaching her some stuff that she remembered for an exam she had today (I have not seen her for 2 years!), its a strange world!

The session on the water today was not the best, I put up my 5.5 wave sail and 85l wavecult. This was a bit overpowered at times, and was backwinding a lot after huge gusts. I only had a few runs and packed up to rest for the evening.

Last night I ordered a new slalom board - looks the business, cant wait to beat all my records on it.
Need to choose some fins to go with it now :D

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