Schedule for 2011

I have devised a plan for the year with the goals I need to achieve to succeed. Clearly I cannot forecast the wind for the coming year, if I could then I would just give some of the fortune I could earn from such good predictions direct to the British Heart Foundation and simply enjoy sailing in all my free time.

January - Often not the best for wind, let alone the temperature. I will get out on the water even if it is for a minimum of 1mile on my paddleboard. I will need to keep my fitness levels up this month with some running and cycling. My goal for this month is to do at least 10NM with a hopeful 50NM.
Total 53NM Sailed

Febuary - There are usually a few windy days, but this is the coldest month for the water, again I will aim for 10NM with a view to get around 50NM.
Total for Feb 29NM, Year total 82NM Sailed

March - The water is still at its coldest, but the air temperature does warm up a fair bit, especially here in Dorset (2010 isnt a good year to use as an example though). This month I am aiming for a minimum of 30NM with a possible 150NM.
Total for March 52NM, Year total 134NM Sailed

April - This is the month that I hope to get a lot of miles in, often being one of the windier months. The water starts to warm up and usually its time to get into a summer suit by the end of the month. I will aim for 100NM-250NM
Total for April 113NM, Year total 247NM  Sailed
May - Again usually a windy month and much warmer with the sea temperature increasing daily. 200NM-500NM is the aim. If I can achieve the maximums each month then this gets me 1000NM half way into the year.
Total for May 369NM, Year total 616NM  Sailed
A rather good month :-D
June - The past two years have given a lot of wind in June, or rather lots of easy distance wind with 15knots for after work sessions, also the nights are long. The only problems I forsee in these summer months when I am at work are that the wind is often caused by the land-mass heating up in the day and does only blow for a couple of hours. I should be able to aim for a minimum of 200NM through June.
Total for June 318NM, Year total 934NM  Sailed
Nearly There....
July - Very similar to June, only that I can definitely wear a shorty wetsuit and will probably need to as my summer one is already at the end of its life. The wind this month is a bit more fickle than June, but 2009 was a good year with sessions most evenings. 200NM is the minimum goal.
1000NM Completed on 9th July.
35knots hit on 6th July.
New Goal of 2011 NM and 38Knots now set.
August - A month off work and usually a few good full days to windsurf. If I havent already hit the target I should get it this month. Some years we have had brilliant wind, some years almost none. I am aiming for a minimum of 150NM.
Total 900-1000+NM

September - Back to work, windy month and still light evenings and a good chance of windy weekends. Minimum of 100NM to hit my goal.
Total 1000+NM

October, November and December - Picking up any extra distance in the autumn winds. Surprisingly for those who do not take part in surfing/windsurfing the water is still warm at this time of the year, it is only with northerly or easterly winds that it gets colder.
Total 1000+NM

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