Saturday, 6 February 2016

40knots PB For Scotty Stallman

Today "The Ray" in Southend, UK delivered for Scotty Stallman. This is a well known speed spot on the right tide, and can work in several wind directions. In the past few days a few speedies had mentioned it could be a good call to go, and GPSSS shows Scotty turned up, tamed the elements and achieved the next target in his list.

Scotty Stallman, Severne Reflex 5.1, Starboard Isonic Speed Special 2012 W44, Black Project Type S 24cm fin
This is an amazing top speed for anyone, let alone at 14 years of age. Since the end of last summer when he started sailing his current set up he is near uncatchable on Portland for most of us. Well done Scotty.

Please come back in a couple of hours to see what he has to say. He is on his way back from the other side of England, with a 50knot headwind at the moment.

Good speeds and winds
the Bus

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