Saturday 9 June 2012

New World Record - Hans Kreisel

Most regular readers will have seen the numerous posts all over the usual sites about this already. News travels almost as fast as the top guys now with such a close knit community across the world, I cannot think of any other sports like this with so many people in close contact regularly.

On June 8th 2012 records were smashed yet again, half a year since the barrier was raised to 50 knots officially. The World Record speed came from Hans Kreisel (JonkerFunsport, JP, Neil Pryde, Klassenoten) with the fastest 10second run ever recorded under record rules of 48.83 knots. Hans had this to say
Hans Kreisel at La Franqui earlier this year
Hopefully the world record run i like! Only made 10 runs but still really stoked peaked 50 again life is good. Respect to Jurjen not only for the speed but also for endurance. Lets see who gets 90kmh average first.
This was done at The Brace in The Netherlands, so the record has moved to yet another spot for the third time this year, with West Kirby(UK), and Vollerwiek (Germany) hosting it previously.

90.07km/h = 48.63knots

Jurjen van de Noord (Starboard, Severne,, Black Diamond Fins) Ned55 managed a 2 second speed of 50.51knots with an amazing 5x10second average of 48.4knots. This was done at The Brace in The Netherlands. This is the fastest average recorded on GPS speedsurfing.

Jurjen had this to say;
The first place from Anders Bringdal came in sight. Two more fast runs and I was there. 
He gives a full detailed report on GPS Speedsufing, please have a read as it gives a good account of what happened.

Jurjen earlier this year, photo taken by Angelo Pecere for the highly anticipated Ghosts of Speed movie (click for official fan page)
The competition between the top guys, which also includes Jacques van de Hout and the UK's own Steve Thorp is so very closely contested now, with Steve scoring a great session at West Kirby also this week. Craig Spottiswood and Chris Lockwood still hold the top 2 spots in the unofficial or fun rankings for fastest 10seconds, both with scores over 49knots from Sandy Point Australia.

Erik Loots beat me to it with his comments on Speedsurfing Blog, have a look as its a great article.

Good speeds and winds
The Bus

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