Friday 13 April 2012

Videos April 2012

A few nice videos have come up online, and I have made a couple myself.

This is the best I have seen for a long time, I remember a thread on Seabreeze asking people to book their shots with the helicopter, wish we could do something like this at Portland Harbour. Filmed at Sandy Point in Australia, this is where Craig Spottiswood took the Australian National record last year, along with one of the fastest runs ever in the GPS Speed sailing scene, of 47.59knots.

This next one is from La Rochelle and shows off the new Exocet RS kit, I am really enjoying using mine at the moment and finding it easier to hold my speed on. I mean that my last good speed session I had peaks and 10 second runs within half a knot of each other. I know over the past year I have learnt a lot and got a lot better, but have noticed a big difference in how long I can hold the board down when I bear away into the chop.

After a weekend sat on the shore waiting for some wind to compete in the BSA Slalom at Hayling island the wind returned for us on Monday 9th April 2012, to be honest I am glad it wasnt this windy for my first ever slalom competition on kit I had only used once. Here is a quick GoPro film from the day.

Monday 9th April 2012, Hot Sails GPS 6.6, Exocet RS2, Black Project Type S 32cm
Photo by Andy Stallman
On Tuesday 10th April there was a little bit of wind left, I spent the first hour changing up sail sizes, starting with the 7.3 Hot Sails GPS, then the 8m then the 8.8m, of course the wind returned a bit once I was on the biggest sail and I got to find out how good it was at exhausting the gusts. I am still getting used to rigging these and trying different settings to see which I prefer. Unlike sails I had previously had these do have a wide range of settings that still allow rotation of the cams, and the multiple (5!) clew options I am finding do give a distinctly different feel to the sail. With it on the highest setting I found it planes a touch earlier, and the lowest setting is great when well powered up. This is only part assumption and part experience after about 3 hours of use.
You tube have ruined part of this video after I clicked stabilise in the options, wont be doing that again.

Tues 10th April 2012, Hot Sails GPS 8.8m, Exocet SL Sport 78, Black Project Type R 50cm fin
Photo by Andy Stallman

Hope you enjoyed the videos.
Good Speeds and Winds
The Bus

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