Friday 16 March 2012

Quick News Update

Ghosts of Speed on Facebook

It seems that the invites have gone out for Luderitz 2012, I can confirm that Steve Thorp and Jim Crossley have been invited after reading their posts online, also Jurjen van de Noord has over in Holland. No doubt a few others have as well. This is quite a costly thing for these riders, I am sure any financial support anyone could offer would be much appreciated. I had an idea to start a site to raise sponsorship from all the speed sailors who could donate a few quid to get some of the fastest people on the water who also work for a living over there to compete against the top level windsurfers in the world today who windsurf for a living. It certainly would be Clash of the Titans, I would love an invite to report on it but don't expect work would give me the time off to do so.

To be honest there isn't any from the UK! We are stuck in the doldrums without good wind for over a week, and only North Westerlies then which are horrible for my local spot. I have managed to get all my new kit wet apart from my 490 and 400 masts which have no sails to go on them yet. They are due to arrive in a few days.

The Exocets are lovely to ride, the larger one (RS4) is identical to the pre production model I have been using since the new year. The RS2 is very smooth in the chop and felt fast, and quite easy to gybe. After only 45minutes though I cannot say much else about it.

The big news from me is that I feel honoured to now be part of the upcoming speed surfers movie, Ghosts of Speed. Angelo Pecere contacted me to do a bit of translation for part of the introduction, which I happily did. He then asked if I would like to do all the editing for the English text. This will be read by Wessel Douma who has a great accent and will keep an authentic Dutch feel to the script.

Soon we will publish an in depth interview from the team over in Holland. I want to find out where the inspiration has come from and how it is all going. In the meantime here is their new facebook page, they recently changed it from a group for better functionality, so please if you haven't already liked it then do so to show your support.

Good speeds and just some wind please, doesn't have to be good, if we don't get some soon I think I will end up single ;-)
The Bus

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