Friday 2 March 2012

Exocet RS 2 and RS 4 have arrived

They look great, and different to many of the other boards out there which is something I like. I have just spent the past 3 hours now sorting out footstraps, can't believe how stiff they are when new. I am also a bit of a strap nerd and have to make sure the velcro closure perfectly lines up, so now my fingers feel like they have been sanded down to the bone.

In the picture you can see the Exocet RS2 which is 59cm wide, 235cm long and 90l, this is my high wind slalom board, and medium wind speed board. The Exocet RS4 (69cm wide, 235cm long, 111l) is the same as the one I have been riding since the new year but a production model as opposed to pre production demo. It is not sanded back as much on the top and looks a bit tidier,  I hope there is no difference in performance though as the one I have been using is rapid and very controllable in strong winds. This is to be my medium wind slalom board and distance board for the GPS Team Challenge competition.

Hopefully this has not jinxed the forecast for the weekend, there should be enough wind to get the RS4 wet tomorrow and the RS2 on Sunday, although Sunday looks quite evil with big swings in the wind with a forecast that only appeared this morning so I suspect it will change overnight.

Good Speeds and Winds.
The Bus.

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