Monday 16 January 2012

Windsurfing for Cancer Research

W4CR as it is now known is a fast growing charity that was put together by a group of windsurfers to raise cancer awareness, and so promote healthy lifestyles and early diagnosis. W4CR was formed in 2008 after an idea by David Tuttlebee who had been diagnosed with cancer, which was to windsurf one spring day from sunrise until sunset. David’s idea received huge support from his friends at Hayling Island, and the inaugural event raised £25,000 for UK cancer charities. For the full details click here.

I recently met with the current team at W4CR and feel honoured to have been elected as a Trustee. There are some great plans ahead and the W4CR team is expanding in 2012. I was just one of four newly appointed trustees, More news about the new team will appear shortly on the W4CR website.

It has been decided that SunriseSunset 2012 will take place on 6 May, so please MAKE A NOTE IN YOUR DIARY NOW! This means that there is a lot of work to do in preparation, again more official news will be released shortly, but this is just to make everyone aware of the date and allow you time to plan how you might like to take part on 6 May.

I was not fortunate enough to have met David, but have heard a great many things about his achievements. I feel very grateful to be able to help his legacy grow into something even more remarkable and to reach out to even more of you in the UK and international water sports community who may want to help raise money for W4CR in 2012.

SunriseSunset 2011 saw well over 1,200 people on the water, obtaining sponsorship to raise money for UK cancer-related charities. Perhaps in this Olympic year we could get 2,012 people or more of you out there?! You don't just have to windsurf to get on the water and support W4CR - kayaks, SUPs, kite surfs and dinghies all count, or you can simply sit on a board and just wet your toes - so long as you can raise some money to help fight cancer.

Finally, I know there are many international riders who read this website and whose lives will have been changed by cancer, either personally or within your close family. The research that happens in the UK will help the world combat this devastating and yet microscopic change in cells within the body. If anyone would like to make donation to W4CR through your own fundraising project, you can set up a page on Just Giving. Alternatively you can simply donate here or on the link on the left of the screen for Just Giving.


  1. Organizing events for the cancer research is really encouraging for people who are suffering from cancer. As actos bladder cancer survivor, I am also helping to these kinds of commendable cause.

  2. I definitely support anything that helps cancer research. We need more events like this to help find the cure for cancer ASAP.

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  3. Thank you, I want to help people regain their lives and their self esteem and confidence after any serious illness. This site started after I had heart disease and it has gathered momentum from there. I am lucky that I am alive and hope I can inspire others to help either themselves or people around them with their recovery.


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