Monday 17 October 2011

Weymouth Speed Week 2011 Day 3 (mon)

Great winds today, lots of people found it really gusty, usual Portland Harbour conditions though. Will update when I can, fingers dont work, legs given up, head spinning, cant wait for results ;-) Think I did just under 30knots over 500m. Felt fine on the water as there was a safety boat so I could go for it for the first time since I was ill.

Best things of the day were 3 different competitors came and thanked me for this website. Dont care if I win or lose now that has made the week all worthwhile.

I will try to write a full day report at some point but its the charity skittles night, in aid of W4CR so Kat and I will be going to that.

Cheers, hope those who played today enjoyed it.
Good speed and winds. 'The Bus'

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