Monday 12 September 2011

Trying out new camera functions.

Some big news for is we now have confirmation from Surfkraft who is the UK agent for Exocet boards and XO sails to do some testing and reviews. In the next couple of weeks we will start a full review of their SL Sport boards (some of the best looking boards on the market, we are looking forward to see how they perform) and their Freerace twin cam 'Silverline' sails.

For this I have been out practising my novice photography skills. Some of you regular readers may have also noticed I have been editing a bit with a photo editor as the header has changed a couple of times, this one at the top now is my favourite but am open to advice and help with it.

These are a few shots from the weekend. Portland Pirates machine The Matrix can be seen in the top two. He had already been sailing over 4 hours none stop in these to aim for some distance for the team. Unfortunately no one else in the team put that much effort in so although we are second for distance for the month thanks to his efforts, we are quite easy to catch.

The following photos were taken by Portland Pirates team captain Swagger. It is Kev Greenslade the current Speed Week champion and Simon Pettifer, it is one of many where they were doing the most fantastic synchronised laydown gybes. I think they scared a few of the less confident sailors as they flew past them at over 30 knots into their gybes.

Jim at PuraVida Boardriders should feel proud of himself. Look at all his sails and boards on Portland Harbour.

I was leading into the gybe and trailing after it, must work on my gybes, I can see from this one photo that the gybe masters have their sails far more upright than mine. It was great to get a few minutes on the water with lots of people around who were checking I was okay. I certainly felt it afterwards and will do for a few days yet. I think this was my shortest session since I started windsurfing, it was probably good that I didn't get wet.

Here the Matrix clearly was trying to get the two posers to do some work for the team by spoiling their fun.

By 'The Bus'
Pictures by 'The Bus' and 'Swagger'

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