Monday 18 July 2011

3days of fun - total 1075nmi

Saturday 16th July -  44nmi sailed. Today was frustrating, it was a bad day on the water. Every time I went out with what I thought was the correct kit the wind changed. I had a rest in the afternoon and went out in the early evening and had a much better time. In the morning I was over finned at one point and my ankle clicked causing a bit of pain after tail walking the board through chop while going for a nautical mile. Later on I had to ditch a run due to a kite surfer gybing right in front of me and dropping his kite, again something clicked in my ankle.

 Sunday I woke in a bit of pain due to my ankle, but it was all up to my knee. I took the abuse from my team mates for not getting out early, rigged up and hobbled out. My first run was fast, then the second even faster then I could barely stand on the board so did a walk of shame in neck deep water to keep the weight off it.
Only 5nmi sailed today.
Monday and my ankle felt a lot better, after a day at work nothing would keep me off the water, even some of the heaviest rain we have had for a while. I went out with the intention of getting my alpha above 20knots. An alpha is 500m with a gybe where you must end within 50m of the start. I did one just over 20 but not within the limits, every session now I am getting 19's!

20nmi sailed today, giving a total of 69 for the 3 days and 1075nmi overall for the year. Not much wind forecast for the next week, fingers crossed that the low pressure that is overhead brings us some.

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