Sunday 12 June 2011

Perfect afternoon cruise and fame comes knocking. 30nmi sailed, 690nmi total

Saturday 11th June 2011 I was in the newspaper for the first time in my life.

On to the windsurfing though, Kat came and took photos allowing me to analyse my technique a bit. I am nearly there with my full planing gybes, only dropping off now for a second or so. On entering here I can see I am letting the nose raise up too much so must put more weight through the boom and just carve with my back foot rather than put weight through it.

Need to get my front arm straight here, other than the the carve is good and the arc is constant.

I have let the nose raise up too much here again with too much weight on my back foot, must get my whole body weight forward more. From the video the rig flip on port to starboard is now good but the other way need some work.

There was not much wind to keep me planing today so each error was magnified, I think here my front arm is too close to the mast and needs to be further back to sheet in well.

It was a good session all in all, and nearly got my best hour speed, only a knot off it, not bad considering the wind was quite marginal at times.
30nmi sailed, new total of 690nmi.

To end the day we tried to catch a few fish, all we got was some seaweed. Nice Saturday though, waking up on Sunday it was totally different with much stronger wind and horrible horizontal rain. I am currently sat at home waiting for the wind to shift a little more to the west and then I will go back out.

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