Wednesday 13 April 2011

Surprise Session in a south westerly seabreeze - 247NM total

After spending the morning doing a long walk ending up at the lodmoor outdoor gym I noticed the wind swing round from the north to south west. I dragged Kat home to check the stats on the harbour wall, it showed 16knots (so about 10-12on the shore). Loaded the van and headed down there. More roadworks in a different place and narrowly avoided an accident at the new traffic lights. An idiot BMW (which word is redundant there?) driver decided to race me up the hill and cut straight in front of me.

Once there the wind was marginal but just enough for an hour in the sea, planed out of one gybe so was happy with that and barely got wet until I got too hot. 16NM completed, 247NM is now the total. 

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