Sunday 16 January 2011

Finally joined the 30knot club properly

Since I started my speed sailing quest in September 2010 I have been aiming at the first goal of getting a 30knot average speed, which is 5 runs over 10 seconds above 30 knots. Getting a single run is not too difficult but does not really show consistency and can be a 'lucky' gust of wind that gets you there.

Today I felt really comfortable at speed, having to head upwind the best part of a mile to get to the speed run and for the first time did it in 2 tacks. Once there it was clear what I had been told, it is a good direction for speed but you have to stop before you hit the land at the other end of the run. After a couple of runs I was really in my element, getting faster with each run and doing as Pete told me, to bear off the wind with each gust, not all at once.

At my local windsurfing shop they run a Speed ladder, similar to the one on Top Gear. I was pleased to find out I am still on top spot, but do not think I will be up there for long once some of the local legends brave the winter conditions.

There was more good news today, I parked at the north end of the harbour at Ferrybridge car park where Blue Water Horizons boat yard usually charges £5 or £8 for a van. Shaun who works there said he had spoken to the boss and I could park for free while I do the challenge. This is really good of them as I know in todays economic climate too many small companies are really struggling. Thankyou Shaun.
The view out across Portland harbour from Blue Water Horizons boat yard can be seen in the picture, its a great rigging area with a cafe that is open through the summer months. As you can see unlike most places the walk to the sea is only a few yards, and again it was busier than I expected today. 

Total now sailed is over my January target of 50nautical miles. I did 13nmi today putting me on 53nmi for the month. Does not look like there will be sailable conditions for a while again now though.

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