Redsurfbus Kit List

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Exocet Sport SL78cm 129l - Reviewed
Exocet RS4, 111l 69cm wide 235cm long - Reviewed
Exocet RS2 90l 59cm wide 235cm long
Exocet Warp Speed 50cm wide 235cm long 68l

Tabou Manta 54cm 74l 2008 - Top speed 37.26knots.
Moo/Oshea Custom 65l 2005ish - Donated to the cause by a fellow windsurfer. Not been wet yet, can only use in the perfect conditions.(for sale)

Starboard Blend SUP 2008, used for lightwind sail twiddly stuff and paddling. 

Fanatic Freewave 95l 2007, first sub 100l board and so easy to ride. Bit fast for the waves though.

Sails and Rig Parts
Hot Sails Maui GPS - Grand Prix Slalom
I am currently a Hot Sails UK National Team rider
I use their Grand Prix Slalom sails in all sizes
8.8m 8m 7.3m 6.6m 6m 5.5m. Smaller are available also.

6.5,5.5 Severne Gators from 2008/9. I love these sails, so much fun to use, been used in all sorts of conditions, easy to tune and good top end.

5.0, 4.5 North ICE 2008/6 Rarely get wet, but they are there ready for the hurricanes and waves when they happen.

Previously Owned sails/boards
Starboard Kode 112l 2009. Loved this board, but not fast enough
Mistral SL 110l 2009. Only had this for a couple of months before my Exocets came.
Starboard Carve 133l 2006. Love/hate relationship.
Mistral RD 95l 2009(reviewed) - Second hand carbon animal, quite tricky to master top speed 33.12knots.
7.6 Tushingham X15 2010 Speed sail - Reviewed
7.0 Tushingham X15 2009 speed sail - Reviewed 
7.0 Simmer SCR 2010 Speed Sail
6.3 Simmer SCRace 2009 speed sail
5.5 Simmer SCR2010 Speed Sail
7.8 North Xtype 2007- well used, perhaps most used sail. Heavy in the back hand with great tuning capability, been out in 25knots down to 10 knots with this sail and have learnt from it. 

Hot Sails Maui Hot Rod 97% 1x490, 2x460 and 1x430 and 1x400
perfectly engineered for the Hot GPS

Chinook Pro1 Alloy 185-247 Very stiff, strongest alloy on the market

Chinook Pro1 Carbon Slalom 180-246 mmm, nice! 

Chinook Full Carbon Slalom 170-235 mmm, nice, tripleclamp head!

Chinook Full Carbon Small Wave 150-200 really love this boom, so stiff and light, tripleclamp head

Chinook 2x RDM 38cm, 1xCarbon 46cm RDM. 2 single bolt and 2 double bolt chinook tendons

I am a Black Project Fins  UK National Team Rider
I use their Type R Slalom fins, and their Type S speed fins inl sizes;
Type R 32.5cm, 35cm, 37.5cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm.
Type S 24cm, 26.5cm, 29cm, 32cm, 35cm.
There are reviews of these with the Exocet series of reivews.

27cm JP Freestyle Wave - Perfect for the freewave

26cm Drake Wave
23cm Drake SUP fin
35cm Stix wildthang for SUP Cruising

The Hot sails, slalom boards and Black Project fins come direct from the manufacturers and UK agents. Please contact me if you are interested in the Boards, Sails and fins. All this kit takes me longer to carry up and down to my flat for sessions that the time it gets on the water, I need a bottom floor flat I think!


I know this isn't Windsurfing but my other passion is camping/hiking/being outdoors.

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